Trouble swimming while freestyle swimming



Having trouble breathing while swimming is a very common for beginner swimmers or for returning swimmers who have been out of the water for a long time. Your body just isn’t use to breathing ever 2 or 3 strokes as you swim. It is important to note however, that if breathing issues persist it is recommended that you see a health specialist about the issue. Here are some great ways you can get a good swim in and not have to worry about losing your breath.

Swim with a snorkel

A snorkel is a swimming device that allows you to breath while swimming with your face in the water. It is not only of snorkeling or scuba diving. Swimmers use it to train all the time. The difference between a snorkel use for snorkeling and a snorkel use for swimming is the size. A swimming snorkel is much smaller to allow for greater maneuverability. Using a snorkeling while swimming is great because it allows you to swim without having to worry about running out of air. It does take a little getting used to so be patient.

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Learning breathing while swimming

If you are new to swimming a snorkel will get you started swimming without having to worry about breath control. However, learning how to breath while swimming is a good idea. Breathing while swimming involves turning your head to the side every 2 -3 strokes as you move through the water. A good way to learn breathing while swimming is to rotate onto your back every 2-3 strokes as you need a breath. As you get more comfortable doing this rotate less and less until you can get a good breath just by rotating your head and shoulders slightly.

Swim kick board

A kick board is a flotation device use to keep your head and arms out of the water so that you can focus on kicking. This method of swimming can provide you with the same benefits of conventional swimming without having to put your face in the water.

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Learn backstroke swimming

Backstroke involves laying on your back while moving your arms and leg to swim. This is the only stroke that keeps your head/face out of the water at all times while swimming. This stroke can provide a swim workout just as good as freestyle.  The only down side is you cannot see where you are going. If you are not experience enough you can end up running into the lane rope or hitting your head on the wall. One thing you must know if you are planning on swimming backstroke is how to use the backstroke flags. The rule is once you see the backstroke flags you are 2-3 strokes away from the wall. This can vary depending on your size and arm length.

Splash less while swimming

 Splashing to much while swimming can push unnecessary amount of water in your face and hinder your breathing. You can reduce splashing by placing your hands gently in the water to minimize the amount of water that is displaced. This will allow you to have more clear place to breath before your head re-enters the water.


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