Top 3 tips to survive any training trip



Tip#1: recovery is the key

It’s training trip season and you’re either super happy to be on a beach somewhere or super sad that training is actually involved with your trip to the beach. The good news is that you don’t have to choose either training or enjoying your beach time or vacation time. You can do well in the pool and enjoy yourself at the same time. You’re probably wondering how? Well it easy, however, before I get into it please take this moment to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already subscribe. The like is below.

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On the average training trip you mostly likely train a maximum of 3 times a day. This may involve swimming in the morning ,weight training, and more swimming in the evening with occasional “off sessions” depending on your coach discretion. This can be quite exhausting if you don’t recover properly in between sessions.
Recovery is not just about taking a recovery supplement and hoping for the best. You have to manage your energy level.
This is done by eating foods rich in antioxidants after training. This prevents your muscles from breaking down after a hard training session.
Limiting your sugar consumption. Yes! This may come as a shock to sugar lovers, however, eating too much sugar during a training trip causes a slowdown of your body’s recovery rate. This is a result of the rise and fall that sugar products have on the blood glucose level.
And the last part is hydration. Your body already has everything thing it needs to recover properly as long as you’re not slowing down that recovery process by eating poorly. Water or sports drinks help replenish all the lost fluids and salt that are essential for your body to recovery quickly. It is recommended that after training you should drink your “weight loss” in water.


Tip#2: remember what you’re working towards


A lot of athletes, when faced with a difficult swimming set, fall prey to the survival mentality. Which usually involves singing a song or counting the swim set backwards or just hoping that it’s all over soon. Unfortunately this is the wrong way to go about training during your training trip. You have to keep your mind in the game. You are not training to survive better in training you are training to win races. This means that you have to maintaining a winning mindset in training. Whatever you want to think about during your race that is what you need to think about during that really hard training set. You don’t have to do this for the whole training session. Just choose one set that you want maintain a positive mind set in. Before long you will be be able to have a positive mind set all the time without out even realizing it.

Tip#3: maintain your technique


Technique,technique, technique…. yes it’s very important. I’m just going to cut to the good part in this one. Maintain your technique at all cost during training trip. Difficult training sets are a very good reproduction of what a race environment will be like so if you can maintain your technique during a difficult practice then you will be able to easily maintain good technique during your race. This can be the difference between first placed and losing by one one hundredths of a second and no one likes that.

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