Swimming work-out of the week: get fit with swimming

Swimming work-out of the week: get fit with swimming


Here is the swimming work-out for the week! Swimming is a great exercise that works the entire body. It is easy on the joints and good for cardiovascular health and weight loss. Swimming can also be very mentally soothing- reflection time before or after a long day. If you are a beginner swimmer feel free to do as much as you can and work up to doing the full practice. There is a morning workout and an evening workout if you are more experienced and are feeling extra motivated. Definitely don’t feel pressured to workout twice a day! You can save the second workout for another day of the week. If you would like to work specific muscles or work towards a swimming goal please let me know in the comments below and I will try to facilitate that as much as possible! P.S. : If you have questions about how the workout is written feel free to message me! (click on the work-out to see it properly)

Work-Out Of The Week

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