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I am making this post for all my reader who may have question about swimming (this is also for people who want to get better at swimming for physical fitness). I know when I first started swimming I did not know how to do a lot of things. And a blog like this would have really helped me to fix my technique a lot faster so I could get faster faster.  The way I see it is if someone is faster that you now that does not mean that they are better than you. I just means that they know more about swimming than you do. That’s it. If you knew what they know and started practicing it you would be just as fast as or even faster than them. So please leave your question in the comment section below. I will get back to you within 12 hours, if not sooner.

Just to give you a little background information about myself, if you haven’t read my “about me” page as yet. I have been swimming for about 15 years now. I have been coached by at least 4 different coaches though my swimming career. All having a different perspective of how to get faster. So I know a wide range of strategies on how to train and how to get faster. I also know works and what does not work when you are trying to swim faster. You do not want to hinder your speed.

 I have been to several national and international competitions. I took part in the Olympic trials this year for my country, Trinidad and Tobago. I have also done a lot of private coach lesson for kids who needed it. Just to give you an idea of my background.

I know a lot of the times swimmers maybe training under a coach who only does thing one way and it may not be working for them but it might be working for other. That has happened to me as well, I will be able to tell you why and how you can change that.


Feel free to ask your swimming related question. There is no such question as a stupid question. And most likely if you are thinking it someone else is as well.



  1. 3esso

    Hi Caryle.
    First I want to thank you for this blog and for your willingness to offer your experience to your readers.
    I have a question for you, it is actually about my son’s training.
    My son turned 7 few months ago, and he loves swimming and started training when he have 3. We changed his coach to another one, who is supposed to be more experienced. But this new coach reduced the time of the training session to be only 50min, telling me that this is follows the international training standards. In the past his training session was 90min. I admit that this new coach gives them less rest times, but I don’t know if this is the right way for training or no.
    So what do you think about this?

    1. Caryle Blondell

      Thanks for the question. I think it will be good for your son in the long run to swim the 50 mins practices now. Spending less time in the pool when you are young stops you from burning out quickly so you last longer in the sport. Of course as your kid gets older more pool time will be required but for now I think it is a good idea to spend less time in the pool. The main thing to focus on in this stage of your kid’s development is proper technique. Technique is the foundation of swimming. So if you want to see consistent swimming results proper technique is the key.

  2. lilywong

    Hi, I love swimming. It’s great to find a site like yours which offer good swimming tips. For me, I am hoping I can swim longer without getting bored or tired too quickly – not looking to swim faster. 🙂 Also thanks for sharing your experience – glad to have an Olympian swimmer sharing his knowledge with the world. Keep it up!

    1. Caryle Blondell

      thanks for your comment. it is not only for people who want to swim faster. it is also for people who want to swim longer or just want to use swimming to get in shape.

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