Supplements for race day



Below are a list of supplements for race day which help me to gain an edge during competition:


B12 Vitamin:

Vitamin B¹² is one of the more popular vitamins known for energy production.  Our body used vitamin B¹² to keep our red blood cells healthy. As you may know, red blood cells are used to transport oxygen to every part of our body which our body then uses to produce energy.  Your body requires 2.4 micro-grams of B¹² a day to meet its daily need. Vitamin B¹² can be found in food sources such as meat, fish and chicken.  I take 2 capsules of vitamin B¹² 1 hour before my race so it has time to get into my blood stream. I use sublingual methyl B¹² found at Vitabase Health Supplements because it has the most active form of B¹²


Riboflavin (B2)


Have you ever wondered why your milk comes in an opaque container? I bet you have never thought about it. Milk has an abundant source of Riboflavin also known as  B². Riboflavin in milk is very sensitive to light and if left in the sun to long more that 30 percent of the Riboflavin can be destroyed. Your body needs riboflavin to turn the carbs, protein and fats that you consume into energy and enhance the function of other B vitamins such as niacin and B¹².  You need 1 milligram of riboflavin to meet your daily requirement. Foods that are rich in riboflavin are milk and yogurt. If you don’t like milk or prefer not to drink it you can choose to supplement you diet by taking a riboflavin vitamin come race day.


Caffeine increases your awakeness in the morning and decrease your perceived effort by stimulating the nervous system. This causes you body to increase the breakdown of glycogen and fatty acids giving you more energy during exercise.  Essentially, it improves your reaction time which allows you to move faster and more efficiently. I recommencement using moderate amount of caffeine which is about 250 milligrams per day (about 3 cups of coffee) before your race. Caffeine can also be found in the pill form which I think is better because you don’t have to drink several cups of coffee.

N.B. :Caffeine is a diuretic. So make sure to drink lots of water before and after using caffeine.



Niacin (B3)


Niacin is used in your body to create energy from the foods we eat like carbs, fats and protein. It is one of the two active forms of niacin that are derived from foods. I recommend using 14 milligrams  for women and 16 milligrams for men. I generally take it 1 hour before my race. Nicotinic acid can be found in foods like meat, fish and chicken. It can also be supplemented in your diet in the form of vitamins.   Niacin vitamins can be found on Vitabase Health Supplements or on amazon. Vitabase Health Supplements have a great Niacin vitamin which has been approved my a practicing doctor.


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