Post-workout supplements

Post-workout Supplements

Below is a list of the supplements I use for my post-workout supplements:



red meat

Creatine: First of all there are lots of creatine supplements out there. The best ones to use are the ones with mono-hydrates.( Creatine mono-hydrate is important for protein synthesis and muscle growth) These are the ones that are most effective. I like to use creatine because it helps me to build lean mass and replenish my ATP source. ATP is your body’s energy source. I usually take creatine after my training.

Wheat Grass:

Wheat grass is a super food. I use this when I am very sore after a difficult practice. Wheat grass helps to keep your body alkaline, reducing the effect of lactic acid. It increases your red blood cell count, reduces soreness, oxygenates your blood and improves your recovery after practice. It’s amazing. I keep wheat grass on hand all the time. I take 1 tablespoon of wheat grass in 1 cup of water, stirred, before I go to sleep.


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