How to warm up for swimming- Top 5 stretches

How to warm up for swimming- Top 5 stretches



Swimming without properly warming up outside the pool is one of the easiest ways to get injured while swimming. I have heard stories of swimmers jumping in the pool without warming up, pulling a muscle, and having to go to the hospital. Don’t let that be you! Stretch before you swim. Here are the top 5 stretches that  I do before getting into the pool:

Stretch 1:

stretch 1- arm extension-chest and anterior shoulder region                







Stretch 2:

stretches 2-anterior thigh region-quadriceps extension                







Stretch 3:

stretches 3-medial thigh region-inner thigh extension            






Stretch 4:

stretches 4-anterior lower leg            







Stretch 5:

stretches 5- lateral thigh region            








The book (High-Performance Sports Conditioning) that I got this from is very good and I suggest you give it a read. Please subscribe to my blog. Also leave your comments below and tell me some of the things you would like me to touch on in my next post. I will be happy to get back to you!

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