How to use the Glycemic Index chart… Correctly


How to use the Glycemic Index chart…Correctly

The GI scale may seem confusing at first but it is quite easy once you know what everything means. what is the GI scale? the GI scale is based on the GI of food compared to the GI of pure glucose which has a GI of 100. When reading the GI scale it is important to keep a few things in mind.

-Very low: GI ≤ 39 (= 39 or lower)

-Low: 40 ≤ GI ≤ 54 (= 40 to 54)

-Moderate: 55 ≤ GI ≤ 69 (= 55 to 69)

-High: GI ≥ 70 ( = 70 or higher)


Here is a low GI shopping list from the GI Foundation!




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Glycemic Index for bread:

GI image

Here are the GI chart for other commonly used food:

Glycemic Index for Vegetables:


Glycemic Index for Breakfast Cereals:

breakfast cereal

Glycemic Index for Grains, Beverages & Candy and Candy bars:

beverages candy

Glycemic Index for Pasta, Snack foods & Sweets and desserts:

snack food

Glycemic Index for Fruits:


Glycemic Index for Dairy, Crackers & Legumes:

crackers legumes etc

Glycemic Index for Sugar:


This list may seems long ,however, it is important to note that not every GI for every food is know! For a more extensive list of GI foods please click here!


For a good low GI recipes book I recommends :

The Good Carb Cookbook: Secrets of Eating Low on the Glycemic Index


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