How to lose weight by eating low Glycemic foods-the easy way

How to lose weight by eating low Glycemic foods-the easy way


what is the Glycemic index all about?

The Glycemic index ranks foods that you eat on a scale of 1 to 100 base on how its potential to raise your blood sugar level. The higher the GI the more sugar that food contains and the greater the insulin response your body will  have to that food. Eating food low in the glycemic index has been accepted in many of the world as a way to lose weight, however, this topic is now getting popular here in america when it comes to weight loss. According to the Glycemic Research Institute eating foods low in the glycemic index can help with reducing obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes among other heath problem.


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High GI foods.


eating food high on the GI chart or foods high in sugar can have some damaging effects on your body. For instance, have you ever felt tired and hungry 30 minutes after drinking or eating lots sugar? If you have? then you have experience first hand the effects of a sugar crash. Eating all that sugar caused a dramatic rise in your blood sugar level which cause a dramatic raise in your insulin level which tells your body to store all that energy in your muscle, liver and any excess energy as ,you guessed it, fat.  



Low GI foods.


Eating foods low on the GI chart is less stressful on your body. You don’t get sugar crashes. Instead,  it allows for a slow digestion and slow rise in the blood sugar level. This causes a low release of energy through the day which promotes healthy eating and healthy body weight. This protects your body from any harmful effects of  sudden rises in your blood sugar which is cause by high GI foods. (Click the link below for low GI recipes.)



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What do YOU think?

Have you tried a low GI diet before? Has a low GI diet been effective for you? Leave your comments below and let me know what you would like me to talk about in my next blog post. Until then Bon voyage!      

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