How to get in shape by using activity watches like the fitbit HR charge and the Garmin swim

 As an athlete (swimmer) the problems I see facing a lot of athletes and people who want to get fit or stay fit is energy balance. For those reader who don’t know, energy balance is the relationship between energy in (calories taken into the body)and energy out (calories used on a daily basis). When there is a energy balance deficit, meaning, when you consume less calories than you are taking in then you begin to lose weight. However, this is easier said that done.


A lot of people, especially athletes, are guilty of exercising to justify bad eating habit. This is a bad way to look at exercising and physical fitness. This is why most athletes end up over weight after they have finished there athletic careers. The exercise habit is gone but the bad eating habit remains.

The way that I combat this problem in my swimming career and the way that I recommend others to combating this problem in there careers and in live is by using technology to our advantage. We spend, on average, more than  three quarter of our day using technology so why not let it help us stay in shape.




      Garmin Swim Watch                                                  Fitbit Charge HR 


What I found really help me in my swimming career to maintain my body weight so that I can perform well and qualify for the Olympic trials is using an activity watch. I used the fitbit charge HR and the Garmin HRM Swim.

Both of these devices helped me to monitor my calories in-take and calories expenditure so I knew if I was over-eating or need to eat more so that I can be well fueled for my next swim practice. The great thing about using these activity trackers (fitbit charge HR) is that it can track you sleep and does all the tedious work of calculating your calories, etc for you so you can just focus on exercising.

I used the fitbit charge HR to track my daily stats outside of the pool and I used the Garmin swim to tract my stats inside the pools. 

I like the fitbit charge HR a lot because I was able to track how much calories I used outside of the pool by going to the gym, walking , etc. I was also able to improve the quality of my sleep which is a big deal for me because if I don’t get a good sleep before my race I am not going to perform well.



                                             Garmin HRM-Swim Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin HRM swim is obviously the best choice when it comes to water sports (swimming) because of its water resistance capabilities and its sticky strip which ties around your chest and does not move when you push of the wall. It is designed for more hard core swimming activities so it makes sense to use it. 

If you do more exercise on land I recommend getting the fitbit charge HR or the charge HR2. If you swim just for fitness then I recommend trying the Garmin swim watch and/or the Garmin HRM swim. Both devices are very easy to set up and use so that should not be a problem.

I got mines at amazon. I found amazon had the best (cheapest ) price. 

If you are now starting out in the activity tacking world don’t be afraid to just jump right in. When I first started I  was hesitant and wanted to get a cheaper fitbit/ garmin. I am glad I did not. The cheaper activity trackers does not work and well and you are just going to end up being disappointed with it. If you have any question, just ask. I can guide you along the way to make the best fitness decision for you.  


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