Freestyle Technique Drills

Freestyle Technique Drills

 There are 3 types of freestyle technique:

  • leg driven technique (body driven freestyle)
  • shoulder driven technique
  • hip driven technique


Leg Driven Technique (body driven freestyle) :

This is when you use your legs as the driving force to get you through the water. Generally you maintain a 6-beat kick which is very effective (6 kicks per one arm stroke). I have used this technique to good health in my swimming career since I have very strong legs and it has been quite rewarding. You don’t get tired as quickly using this technique and it can be used for mid-distance swims like the 200-400 meter freestyle. ( It can be used for the 100 freestyle also depending on your leg strength.)    

Hip Driven Technique:

This technique requires you to rotate your hips with every stroke. As a rule of thumb you should rotate your hips at the end of the pulling phase. This is great for distance swimming (400 and above). It is very relaxing. I use this technique when i am given longer sets to swim during training. It allows you to glide more while taking fewer strokes so you able to conserve energy and swim longer.

Shoulder Driven Technique:

Shoulder driven technique is mainly used by sprinters. It relies on your upper body strength to pull you through the water at a fast rate. To achieve this technique keep you hips still (slight rotation is allowed) and look forward while rotating your upper body. This stroke works best when you keep your arms close to your head. This may feel strange at first but once you use it a few times you will see the benefits of using shoulder driven technique in all of your sprint races. The video below gives you a visual representation if what this suppose to look like. And the head  up freestyle drill ( water polo) is great for mastering the shoulder driven freestyle.     Read more: Best Training Supplements
The fins(Hydro Tech 2 Silicone Surf Swim Fin-swim-outlet) and paddles (FINIS Bolster Paddlesswim-outlet) seen in this video can be found on swim-outlet and amazon. P.S: Personally, I prefer the Finis Bolster Paddles rather than the one showed on the video because this one has a strap that goes around your hand so the paddle does not fall off.


  1. Heathguy33

    Very nice well put together article here. I was never really big on swimming. Not because I couldn’t swim but more so cause I didn’t have any cool swimming moves. Where I from we like to race when swimming and I’d get blowed out the water literally every time. I now have a blueprint to go by which is your article and I will try these next time I hit the pool. Hopefully I can at least come in second. Thanks

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