Best Training Supplements



Vitamin E:   Vitamin E is the main deterrent of free radicals from developing in your body. Free radicals develop in your body as you exercise which causes your muscles to break down. Taking Vitamin E stops your muscles from breaking down so you can retain more of your muscle mass and strength when practice is over. Sunflower seeds and vegetable oil are great sources of vitamin E and  hold more than 80% of your daily vitamin E requirements. If you want to make sure you get enough in your diet daily, I recommend a tablet.

Fish oil :   While swimming is one of the kinder sports to your joints, it is still highly repetitive. And any repetitive motion can be tough on you joints. Fish oil is really great for maintaining smooth joint movement and for keeping joint pain at bay. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body which can reduce soreness after training.  Fish oil can have a bad taste so I recommend that you use it in the capsule form. That way there isn’t a taste. I generally take 1 fish oil capsule a day. I use UnoCardio: A New Generation of Eco-friendly +95% Omega-3 Fish oil – 60 Softgels. (click “Best fish oil .”and check it out. )It is kind of pricey. However, I find that it works better than other fish oils and one bottle lasts a long time. Other great sources of omega 3 fish oil are fish, salmon or tuna. Any of these choices will give you your daily requirement of fish oil.   I don’t recommend using energy supplements for training because your body will get use to it and you would not get the desired effective come race day. For a look of the supplements I use for competition, click here. 




  1. james

    Although I already knew the information you provided, I enjoyed how easily you explained each vitamin/supplements. Most people don’t understand when you put your body under more stress, you require certain vitamins/supplements to maintain a proper balance. Good work on explaining how these things play such an important part in our lives.

  2. Amberlee

    What a fantastic article! I had no idea my exercise routine (I work out six days a week) is depleting my body of these vitamins, however, it does make sense as I am one who always seems to get a cold even knowing how healthy I am. I also appreciate the mention of fish oil (in which I am going out to buy some supplements today) as I am starting to feel pain in my joints from running. I have been told shark cartilage is good for this. Is that true?

    1. Caryle Blondell

      I love shark. Where I am from( Trinidad and Tobago) shark is a delicacy. And yes shark cartilage have been know to be used for arthritis and improving join health. If you have any more question let me know. i will get back to you in 24 hours.

  3. Rob S.

    I’m into supplements and turn to them for my health issues. I don’t think people realize how important Vitamin E and fish oil are for your health. I never knew that sunflower seeds and vegetable oil is loaded with Vitamin E. I do agree that the fish oil taste would be horrible. I would definitely take the capsules. Is it possible to take too much of Vitamin E?

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