Butterfly, in my opinion, is the most graceful stroke of the 4 swim strokes when done correctly.  To master the art of the butterfly there are 2 important concepts to remember:

  • Keep your chin wet

  • bring your butt out to dry

Keeps your chin wet:

Keeping your chin in the water helps with body alignment and also helps to keep your legs from dragging through the water. This reduces drag and allows you to pull through the water more efficiently. It also conserves energy. Pulling your head far out of the water uses a lot of upper body strength and energy that could be used to propel your body forward through the water rather than up and down.

Bring your butt out to dry:

Keeping your hips/butt high in the water reduces drag and helps you master the butterfly kicking motion more efficiently. This allows you to swim faster in no time. These are the 2 most important concepts for mastering butterfly. Please leave your comments below and i will be happy to get back to you! Let me know what you want me to talk about in my current blog posts.

Here is a link of Michael Phelps demonstrating the butterfly technique. Go ahead and skip the first 8 minutes- it’s just talking.

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