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The secret to a great breaststroke is in the legs.  Your kick needs to be powerful and efficient to get the maximum propulsion each time. Below are 2 import tips to have an amazing breaststroke :

  • Keep your knees shoulder width apart

  • Keep your hips up

Keep Your Knees Shoulder Width Apart:

If your knees are under you like while sitting you will be increasing drag tremendously. This will work against you in the long run when swimming breaststroke. Instead, you want to keep you legs as far apart as possible (shoulder width apart works great) with your knees to the side. This will reduce drag and help make you swim fast.

Keep Your Hips Up:

Keeping your hips up while swimming breaststroke seems elementary but a lot of breaststroke’s over look this simple concept. For each breaststroke kick that you do you hips should get out of the water. When I first tried this I was amazed at how much further I got with every stroke. This technique is very effective and I am certain that once you give it a try you will think the same. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you would like me to talk about on my next blog!

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