Backstroke Technique Drills- 3 things you must know

Backstroke Technique Drills- 3 things you must know


I started the sport of swimming at a much later age that other kids (11). Backstroke was one the harder strokes for me to get. I kept running into the lane lines for some reason! It took me 3 years to get it and now backstroke is one of my main events.  One of the persons that I followed to help me get at my backstroke is Aaron Peirsol. Looking at his videos and seeing him swim at swim meets helped me understand what backstroke is all about. Swimming backstroke is like swimming freestyle on you back if you understand what to do.

There are 3 important tips I can give you that will really help improve your backstroke quickly:

  • Rotation, rotation, rotation
  • Finish your stroke
  • Kick, kick, kick


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Rotation, rotation, rotation

Rotation is the pulse of your backstroke technique. Your ability to swim a fast backstroke depends on how fast you can rotate your body from side to side. The video show you a very effective drill that will allow you to rotate better in backstroke. Keep in mind that as you rotate your shoulder must touch your chin for a full rotation to be completed.

small swimming

Finish Your Stroke


Finish your stroke. You probably heard this a lot already. I know I did when I first started swimming. For backstroke it is truer than ever. Finishing your stroke gives you maximum propulsion and no one does this better than Aaron Peirsol. That’s probably why he was so fast and won 3 Olympic gold medals. The video below shows you the effectiveness of finishing your stroke. Take a look. ( Play close attention to his hand at the end of each stroke)

Kick, Kick, Kick

Without kicking you are not going to go anywhere in backstroke. Kicking is the motor that make everything happen. It keeps your hips high, helps you rotate faster, and most importantly makes you swim really fast.Look at anyone who is really good at backstroke. There kick are right on or under the surface of the water and extremely powerful. There is only one way to get better at kicking and that’s to kick. You have to practice kicking in training the way you want to kick in your race. This does not mean you kick fast all the time. That would be ridiculous. Choose a set in practice that you want to kick fast on and work on your kick then. The video below show some tips and trick on how to develop an awesome backstroke kick.




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