Attacking The Turn- How to get ahead of the competition at the flip turn

Attacking the flip turn is absolutely necessary if you want to beat your competition on the turn.


When I first started learning how to flip turn some of my swim mates told me that I was to tall to flip turn and I would likely hit my head at the bottom of the pool. I did not hit my head at the bottom of the pool. Instead, my swim-mate comments motivated me to practice flip turning even more and now I have one of the fastest flip-turns ever.  

The flip turn has really become the defining  skill of swimmer today. Your ability to get in and out of the wall quickly can be the difference between leading by half a body length or sitting at the wall wondering… what just happened. 

The biggest error I see swimmers making when approach the turn is losing all there moment going through the turning process.  You are already going fast as you approach the wall. Don’t slow down!  The next step is to transition that momentum from into the wall to out of the wall. Obviously, you will lose some momentum during the flip turn, however, that does not mean you have to lose all your momentum. 


The video below talks about all the common mistakes that swimmers make while approaching the wall and how to correct them. Check it out ! All of the flip turn suggestions you see in the video below are very effective.  I have done all of then all through my swimming career to keep my flip turn fast and sharp.






  1. Caryle, I watched the video and am pleased to say I used to do a perfect flip turn. Now I just wallow!

    You are so right about momentum. Once lost it is very hard to regain and not only in swimming but in all walks of life.

    This is a good training post.


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